Kasper’s Hot Dogs

Some finery from TDK crew. Bukue One, Mr.King157, live lyfe, among others. This building has been many things in just the past few years, including a graffiti surface, campaign office, and junk heap. Not to mention that it must have been a hot dog place at one point.

Mob of Monsters

What a lovely bunch of monsters are up on this wall in West Oakland. It’s right off Mandela Parkway and is by Ernest Dotty, Skinner, and Griffin One. Allcitypaints and graffhopper were involved in production.

Rise Up

Here is some nice art from Little Tokyo in Los Angeles. This crain is on the door of the Sustainable Little Tokyo art space and the little pixilated creatures are up on the rooftops.

Feminine Faces

One of the hashtags I’ve seen popping up a lot lately is #facesofoakland. I love it because it celebrates the incredible and diverse nature of the oakland community. Here are a few #facesofoakland that I’ve seen lately, all by different artists. The first pic is by dragonschool guest artist Emily Ding. Next one is unsigned […]

Walking the Dog

Here are some more of the cool street art pics that I saw in North Beach, following the art hunt map. First is by fnnch, next two by Jeremy Fish. The final one is not on that map and I don’t know the artist.

Lucky Red

I spotted this cool mural made up of lucky money red envelopes in San Francisco Chinatown. These are actual red envelopes pasted to the wall. Im not sure how they’ve survived this long! In Chinese tradition families give their children money in decorated red envelopes on the lunar new year. That was back in February! […]


This mural by the TDK crew commemorates the destruction of the Cyprus Freeway in an earthquake in 1989. Eventually, the Mandela Parkway was built in the same space. The mural is based on a photo taken by Michael Maan. Next two pics are nearby art.

Kiss Me Quick

With this luscious pair of lips, what else could you do? Lips by @fnnch and dog by Megan Flaherty.

Pride of Oakland

A huge Graffiti Against the System face and some rainbow lions from West Oakland. Love these!

They Tried to Bury Us

They tried to bury us, but they didn’t know we were seeds. A beautiful mural by Steven Anderson. Trellisgrows and local edition marketing were involved in the project too. This mural is in Uptown Oakland on Broadway.