Panda Time!!

I really love pandas, and this killer whale panda is especially killer! Yasssss! These are both in Oakland Chinatown.

Year of the Pig

One of the many things I love about street art in the Bay Area is that there’s always new art to celebrate the new lunar year. Now we are in the year of the pig, so enjoy some piggy art! First one by Stephen Anderson and the second is by @groundspice. Both are with dragonschool.

Keep it Oakland

A friendly reminder from @vogue_tdk and @dragonschool in downtown Oakland. And a cute dragon on the side.

Cartoons for Kiddies

Here are a few great cartoony pieces by dragonschool artist @mrhanstyles. Aren’t they cute!?! I like some sharp teeth with my cartoons!

Rainbow Road

Take a look at this housing complex! Rainbow decorations by Ernest Doty. Don’t you want to live here!?!

Art Hunt

This weekend I followed the art hunt map compiled by @fnnch, Kate Talbot, and Adam Swig. They organized art scavenger hunt of murals in North Beach. Here are some that I found. Scooter Bear by fnnch Scooter Bear in jail Jazz by Bill Weber Language of the Birds by Brian Goggin and Laura Keehn. Portrait […]

Dragon Sense

Here are some beauties by Luke Dragon in SF Chinatown. That’s Luke Dragon of Dragonschool fame. Tupac is by @emferal. I’ve been in the City quite a lot lately so I’ve been sharing gems from SF. But I promise I’ll get back to Oakland soon!

Night Skies

Here’s a swirling cloudy sky, illuminated inside this person’s garage entrance. It’s painted by Harrison Love and it’s in San Francisco, close to the Mission.

Journey Through Time

This is a really incredible mural which I watched go up over the course of months. Looking at it now, you can see why it took so long, it’s incredibly detailed! It tells the story of the South Berkeley community from when the Oholone lived sustainably on the land, up to the present. The main […]

Rainbow Warrior

I came across this beautiful piece by @manuelig5. It features Juanita More, an SF drag queen of some renown.