Bamfest Finished

I finally swung back around to get pictures of some of the fully finished murals from Oakland Mural Festival. Aren’t they beauties?! This first one by David Burke is my favorite from the whole festival. It’s called Love Letter Oakland and it features 4 local artists, two older and two younger. From left to right, the artists are Tureeda Mikell, James Gayles, Samuel Getatchew, and Vanessa ‘Agana’ Espinosa, aka DJ Agana! 
Los Pobres Artistas put on the festival every year under the name bay area mural festival, so learn more about it on their page, 

Shining Waters

Here’s the last of this year’s Oakland Mural Festival pieces. This one is by Susan Greene and Art Forces. The woman is Cheemah, mother of the spirit fire. It is modeled on a statue in Jack London Square, by Osprey Orielle Lake. The mural is still progress now, but it’s coming along now. 
The bottom picture is from one of the first days of painting. 


Caleb Duarte and a group of students from Fremont High School painted this mural. It’s a temporary work that is painted on a wall outside of a construction site. 
The mural depicts an action the artist led, where immigrants walked through public spaces with a ladder to disrupt business as usual. The final pic is a combination of Janelle Monae’s eyes and a balaclava. An add for her newest album was already on the walland the artist incorporated it into the piece. 

Migration is Natural

Here’s an epic whale mural by Alise and Jack Eastgate, part of the Oakland Mural Festival. That’s them posing in front of their mural in the first pic. 
Jack is Fijian and to him the whale represents migration and freedom of movement. The patterns on the big and little circles are also from Fiji. 

Turfing It

Creative Shields is the group who painted this epic mural as a part of the Oakland Mural Festival. Artists are Timothyb_art, berj.j.berj, and chuckinglight. 
The dancer in this mural is doing moves from turf dance, a uniquely Oakland form of brake dancing that you’d be lucky to see folks performing on the bart trains. The word yee is another Oakland thing, it’s in clouds to represent the chem trails over Oakland skies. 
The final pic is another artist who is documenting the mural process on small canvases. 

Totums Rising

OaklandMuralFestival was this weekend and it was incredible! All this week I’ll feature pics of all the murals that are either complete or still going up. Be sure to check back regularly so you don’t miss any. 
This is two totums and artist Mike BAM Tyau  taking about his work. Also featuring Jesus Rodriguez up on the lift. One #totum is an Olmec god, coming from Jesus’s culture, and the other is a Chinese teracottawarrior from Mike’s culture. The piece ws originally supposed to be two Toltec totums but Jesus offered Mike the chance to paint one from his own background.  I like this mix, it represents some of the incredible diversity that is Oakland. 

Flying Into the Sun

And here’s the final part of this epic mural by Los Pobres Artistas. This is the side of the building, and it was painted for the Bay Area Mural Festival 2016. See my past 2 posts for the other parts of the building. This one’s so huge it won’t fit in one post! I know Pancho Pescador and Sidemuestro were involved in this part, maybe also others. 

First Faces

Here are more of the lovely images painted as part of the Bay Area Mural Festival. Sidemuestro painted some of these pictures, although not all. Fred Alvarado painted the house on legs. 

Displacement and Migration

This mural is also by Youth Spirit Artworks and it’s called The Displacement of Beauty and the Migration of Gentrification. It’s also a part of the 2016 Bay Area Mural Festival and it’s in South Berkeley. It’s very clever, they worked in some of the bits and pieces of art that were already on this wall, like the woman’s face. Gotta love those money heads!