Saints and Sinners

Here’s a brand new mural that’s just gone up on San Pablo Ave in West Oakland, as well as an older mural and a ladybug from that area. Is the new one by Natty Reble? Kind of looks like his style. 
The older mural is by cbs che. 

First Faces

Here are more of the lovely images painted as part of the Bay Area Mural Festival. Sidemuestro painted some of these pictures, although not all. Fred Alvarado painted the house on legs. 

Richmond Cultural Movement

This mural strikes me as the centerpiece of the Richmond Bay Area Mural Festival. It was painted by Los Pobres Artistas and students from Gateway to College CCC. Los Pobres Artistas are the group that founded and runs the Bay Area Mural Festival. 
 Isn’t it beautiful? So many elegant and complex details on this mural, you can spend a long time looking at it.