Flying Into the Sun

And here’s the final part of this epic mural by Los Pobres Artistas. This is the side of the building, and it was painted for the Bay Area Mural Festival 2016. See my past 2 posts for the other parts of the building. This one’s so huge it won’t fit in one post! I know Pancho Pescador and Sidemuestro were involved in this part, maybe also others. 

Circa 2010

I love maps and I love street art so this is a really exciting mural for me. 
These murals are from temescal and two are from the old baby equipment store that’s recently gone out of business. 
Second mural by Marlon Ingram, Joe Aponte, Nhat Le, and Bleek. 


 Don’t you adore this new electrical box in uptown Oakland? Beautiful waterfalls and ponds with clouds and waterlily pads in some lovely blues and greens. Sadly I can’t see a signature on it but I’d love to find out who painted it.

City to the Country

I came upon this interesting metal sculpture  in West Berkeley. Starting with a San Francisco city silhouette with city animals like cats and birds, it slowly transitions to farmland with farm animals, and then the mountains and a wild bear.