Oakland is All Nations

This inspirational mural was painted by Bob and Bill Valva and shows the diverse youth of Oakland in front of Lake Merritt with the city in the background. 
With a list of words for peace in many languages on both sides. It’s on Castro Street, right next to the freeway. 

Jumping Out of His Skin

Strange street art in downtown Oakland. This one was done by Lord Nychos the Weird. I know this artist had another mural in San Francisco, but it’s rabbits in Oakland. 

This picture is much smaller and is on the wall, next to the huge rabbit. 

Beating Heart

This is the beating heart of something, can’t decide if it’s of Oakland, or of the art scene here.  At any rate it’s a great mural on the wall of a downtown oakland parking lot. 
Also, thank you so much for all of your help, love, and interest lately, and all year long!  Today I passed my 10000 page views goal for my one year blogaversary! !!!! Viewers, you are an awesome bunch, and I could do what I do without you! NowI’ll keep my half of the bargain, posting 365 times by my one year deadline, March 15th. 

Best Coast – West Coast

Two metal sliding doors with art to pretty up the neighborhood when they’re closed. A little masoney, a little cartoony, a little graffiti. And lots of West Coast pride, west coast, left coast, best coast. 

A Roadrunner Runs Through It

Fairly new garbage can art by the wonderful New World Mosaics on Clay St and 7th St in Downtown Oakland. More of his bird designs, this time a roadrunner and some nice sagarro cacti.

I believe that this series of garbage cans was commissioned by @brooke_v and others she is working with who live in the neighborhood. 

Blue Man

Giant man on a giant mural on lower Castro Street in downtown Oakland. In the lower right hand corner, these two smaller faces are peering out in a cheeky way.  The last pic is around the corner, these artists just couldn’t stop themselves from painting! 
This project is organised by Fuming Gorilla Productions some of the artists involved are Eugor, Sidenuestro, Nora, Hooper, Eye Spy, P.Forty, and Psyke. 

Monkeys for New Years

This little monkey is looking for trouble, and here he is at Chinese New Year to tell us that this year is going to brew full of laughter and maybe some silliness. 
He popped up on a wall in Downtown Oakland, right next to this other face, and some abstract heart art. 

Athen B

This is Muzae, I ran across him painting an electrical box in Downtown Oakland.  Love these abstract geometric shapes.  Find him on instagram at @muzae. 
This is another great electrical box downtown, made by another artist in the Athen B Group, which Muzae is part of. It’s on Broadway and 12th Street. 
This is one of those 3D captures, Wisdom on an electrical box at Broadway and 11th St. also part of the group,  artist Marcos LaFarga.