Meeting of Styles

Illegalsquadmx did these incredible pieces last year in oakland Chinatown when Meeting of Styles ws canceled in SF and dragonschool invited the artists to come to oakland and paint. It’s pretty dope. 
Dragons, obviously by dragonschool. 

Back of a Geisha

I spotted this gorgeous new mural in Chinatown Oakland. Of course it’s a dragonschool picture! The geisha is by Steven Anderson and the whole piece involves ekke_art, groundspice, fgp_creative, and e47art. 

Dragon Models

Here are a few dragonschool beauties from around Chinatown Oakland. The first is by Luke Dragon, one of the founders of dragonschool. The second was an original gold and black dragon and they went back and colored it in. 

Meeting of Styles

Today is #nationalpandaday !! I’m celebrating with panda themed street art. This box truck was designed by Dragonschool, and it was a part of the epic meeting of styles 2016 that got cancelled in sf so oakland painters invited the artists to come over here and paint. That’s oakland hospitality! This truck is often parked outside of a market in Chinatown, unloading produce.