Stomper is Us All

Of course the Oakland A’s Stomper statues attracted my attention, being art in the public environment, and a treasure hunt to find. Here’s one that’s outside of the Pacific Renaissance Plaza in Chinatown. It’s called Stomper is All of Us, by Erin Colcord. 
So shiny and reflective! Can you see the Stomper that’s me?

Totums Rising

OaklandMuralFestival was this weekend and it was incredible! All this week I’ll feature pics of all the murals that are either complete or still going up. Be sure to check back regularly so you don’t miss any. 
This is two totums and artist Mike BAM Tyau  taking about his work. Also featuring Jesus Rodriguez up on the lift. One #totum is an Olmec god, coming from Jesus’s culture, and the other is a Chinese teracottawarrior from Mike’s culture. The piece ws originally supposed to be two Toltec totums but Jesus offered Mike the chance to paint one from his own background.  I like this mix, it represents some of the incredible diversity that is Oakland. 

La Peña

La Peña is an institution in Berkeley. It was formed by Chilean immigrants in the 70s who were fleeing from the brutal regime of Augusto Pinochet. A Piña is a traditional gathering place for music and celebration in Chile and it was were people came together to play Nuevo Cancion, or new music. The musicof protest that was drawn from Chilean folk music. There is still a lot of  this music played at La Peña today, performed by the La Peña Community Chorus. Check them out when you get the chance! 
I don’t know the name of the artist who painted this iconic mural outside of  La Peña but isn’t it a beauty?! 

Body Pos

These boxes are by Kate Klingbeil and they honor self love and the sacredness of life. I just enjoy the look of people splashing around in multicolored water. These are down near Jack London Square.