Tag Life

Taggers have been hard at work on this bridge. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a tradition in the graffiti world to try and access the most remote and hard to get to spots. And when you do get there, you tag your name to prove you were there. Imagine taggers climbing all over this bridge structure to reach each place where there’s graffiti. 

The Peanut Gallery

A series of faces from the explosive on ramp art gallery I saw in east Oakland. We have mustashed men from oprit, a bear and a totem poll from stayaware and an alien like thing from ofez yess.
All pretty dope.


Ran into a treasure trove of street art on the side of an onramp to the freeway in East Oakland, by Jingletown. This blew my mind, and it’ll take about three posts to share it all. 
Post #1 has classic hummingbird bees from Chris Granillo, and some cartoon characters, Bart Simpson, Cleveland, Sylvester the Cat,  Kermit the frog and more. Remember when the Simpsons used to be good?  The goose type bird next to the yellow hummingbee is from birdlife. 

San Antonio Sunshine

Some beautiful murals in the San Antonio neighborhood in East Oakland. These are in a big empty lot where there’s plenty of visibility. An older man screen printing, a woman poet with marigolds and butterflies, a mandala, and a skeleton on the altar.