Boxes of Art

When I was in Sacramento for the mural festival, I also spotted some nice electrical boxes. Here they are for you to enjoy. There are so many more in downtown, but the were the ones I snapped. 

Antique Tokyo

Here’s an electrical box in Little Tokyo that features an antique picture of what Little Tokyo used to look like many years ago. 
This pic tells you something about how this neighborhood has been a vibrant community meeting point for over 100 years. It’s really played a vital role for Japanese Americans from LA and all over. 

Education is Not a Crime

Here is the last batch of street art from the Sweet Auburn neighborhood in Atlanta. The was some pretty great art there, worth checking out if you can. 
This first one is very moving, educate/ elevate. 
The upsidedown house is by Caroline Caldwell, painted in 2014. 

The Scent is Strong

Here are some electrical boxes from guest city Gilroy California. Gilroy is the heart of the California garlic fields and hosts the annual garlic festival. You can buy garlic ice cream there, yes I had some. 
Here’s a little boy reaching into a crate of garlic cloves, as well as a box outside of the local VFW.


Here’s a really pretty mural painted by R. Black in honor of Japanese American artist Chiura Obata who was a professor at UC Berkeley and was also imprisoned in the Japanese internment camps during world war II. 
Below is an electrical box that is unsigned but looks like a Nigel Sussman piece. These are both on Telegraph Ave close to the university.