Reading and Blowing Bubbles

Here’s a new beauty from Kiss My Black Arts Collective and Natty Rebel. I swear I’m not favoring Natty Rebel right now, he’s just been prolific lately!! 
The face and hand below are from math_dis. He’s done some other faces close to this on San Pablo Ave. These pics are different sides of this triangular building on San Pablo in West Oakland. 


If you follow the yellow brick road of Telegraph Ave you will come to the magical place called beeryland. This place serves beer, obviously, and it also has fab street art by famous local artists like punksthugsandvandals, Reggie Warlock, and biggfootone. 

Lords of Rare Design

This wall done by Lord Doty of the Lord’s Crew is no longer new but it’s just as enjoyable. Below is street art on the same piece of wall from Swade, Jurassic Dabs, and Mech Synapse.