River of Rainbow

I’ve loved this cool house in San Francisco’s Castro Mission neighborhood for a long time. That rock is actually painted on the house! They recently added the rainbow doors that makes me love it more. 

From the Flower to the Hive

So here’s more of the art from Sacramento’s Wide Open Walls Festival. This is by Kinetic Ideas. The next pic is from last year’s festival, and the last two pics are of a cool trailer that was there for the festival. 

Boxes of Art

When I was in Sacramento for the mural festival, I also spotted some nice electrical boxes. Here they are for you to enjoy. There are so many more in downtown, but the were the ones I snapped. 

Middle of the Magic

A series of pieces of art which were all down an alley in Sacramento. Some were in progress, part of this year’s wide open walls festival, while others are from last year’s festival. This orangutan made entirely from pieces of trash was the highlight for me. I’ve never seen street art like it. It’s by Bordalo ii.
Some of the other artists are Stan Padilla, tlcs, Josh Everhorn, Norm Ayles, Hugo Criegel, Tom Bob. 

Start Sign

What playful street art! These are a part of the Wide Open Walls Festival. The first piece is painted on the side of a former bank building. And the artist didn’t realize this until after they finished, but the city jail is right behind this building too! This artist is Brett Crawford. 
The guy making creative signs is Scott Froschauer. Someone else added the word creating under the start sign. 


What nice pieces by Apexer and Pixel Pancho from the Wide Open Walls Festival. 
I got to see Apexer at work, and it was really cool to see him in his flow. Very impressive. These two are across the street from each other. 

Dia of the Day

Here’s a dia de los muertos themed mural by Aik Brown.  It’s in the Oak Park neighborhood of Sac Town which has really gentrified a lot. Nice that a local artist can paint a mural that speaks to the community. Plus he’s a really nice guy!