Body Pos

These boxes are by Kate Klingbeil and they honor self love and the sacredness of life. I just enjoy the look of people splashing around in multicolored water. These are down near Jack London Square. 

A Rainbow is a Promise

I wanted to feature these pretty #garbagecan art mosaics from New World Mosaics on new year’s eve because I was taught that a rainbow is a promise of good things to come. And we certainly need good things in the new year. 
But now that I’m older, I think that good things don’t just come about, we have to make them happen. So I’m asking all of you who see these pictures to join me in working towards positive change this coming year. And not just change on a personal level, but change for your family, your community, your country, and your planet. Ultimately, we’re all on this earth together and we need to help each other survive. 

What’s Old is New

These electrical boxes are from a field trip to Alameda and they celebrate Alameda living and green living. The first box is by Chris Rummell, the next by Clare Rickard, its called Strawberry Green. The last box called Alameda Living, by Delana Britnel.


It’s loteria season again and here is some great loteria card electrical box art to celebrate. I love el Corazon and la Serena as well as the made up cards like la luna and el circo. These are in south Berkeley. 

Rainbow Bright

Another pretty garbage can from New World Mosaics. This one is in the Grand Lake area of Oakland, by Lake Merritt and the farmer’s market. And cute little mushroom mosaics. The last pic is a chalk drawing of food on plates that someone drew right next to the farmer’s market. 

Rabbit In the Moon

There is a Chinese belief that there is a rabbit that lives in the moon. Here’s a lovely mosaic that shows the rabbit in the moon in the solar system. Of course it’s made by new world mosaics. It’s in Chinatown Oakland.