Migration is Natural and Beautiful

At this moment in time when we are treating migration in a totally unnatural way, separating children from their families, putting people in cages, watching people die rather than offering sanctuary, I’d like to share this monarch butterfly art. Faviana Rodriguez has written and spoken about the way that monarchs migrate thousands of miles through multiple generations between countries and continents. They show us that migration is natural and it already happens all around us. When we acknowledge that migration of humans is as natural as animal migration wewill become more human and more in line with our world.  
These monarchs are by New World Mosaics and are in Addams Point Oakland by the lake. 


 Don’t you adore this new electrical box in uptown Oakland? Beautiful waterfalls and ponds with clouds and waterlily pads in some lovely blues and greens. Sadly I can’t see a signature on it but I’d love to find out who painted it.