Antique Tokyo

Here’s an electrical box in Little Tokyo that features an antique picture of what Little Tokyo used to look like many years ago. 
This pic tells you something about how this neighborhood has been a vibrant community meeting point for over 100 years. It’s really played a vital role for Japanese Americans from LA and all over. 

Where the Wild Things Are

Where are the wild things? Why they’re in Little Five Points, or so it seems. This whole week has been dominated by the incredible art from guest city Atlanta. But there’s just so much of it to share, and it keeps on coming! 

Meeting of Styles

Illegalsquadmx did these incredible pieces last year in oakland Chinatown when Meeting of Styles ws canceled in SF and dragonschool invited the artists to come to oakland and paint. It’s pretty dope. 
Dragons, obviously by dragonschool. 


A lady in recline in Kaka’ako Honolulu. Yes, there really is an endless stream of street art coming out of this place! This one is by  @whole9_w9 and it’s a part of Pow!Wow! 2018. I heard that every year Pow!Wow! O
organizes artists to repaint parts of the neighborhood. 
The graffiti is a tribute to street artist aneml who died a year or two ago. He was really activein the Bay Area, I guess our here too.