Migration is Natural and Beautiful

At this moment in time when we are treating migration in a totally unnatural way, separating children from their families, putting people in cages, watching people die rather than offering sanctuary, I’d like to share this monarch butterfly art. Faviana Rodriguez has written and spoken about the way that monarchs migrate thousands of miles through multiple generations between countries and continents. They show us that migration is natural and it already happens all around us. When we acknowledge that migration of humans is as natural as animal migration wewill become more human and more in line with our world.  
These monarchs are by New World Mosaics and are in Addams Point Oakland by the lake. 

A Rainbow is a Promise

I wanted to feature these pretty #garbagecan art mosaics from New World Mosaics on new year’s eve because I was taught that a rainbow is a promise of good things to come. And we certainly need good things in the new year. 
But now that I’m older, I think that good things don’t just come about, we have to make them happen. So I’m asking all of you who see these pictures to join me in working towards positive change this coming year. And not just change on a personal level, but change for your family, your community, your country, and your planet. Ultimately, we’re all on this earth together and we need to help each other survive. 


So many mosaiced trash cans on one street! The first, and most elegant can, is by new world mosaics. He does a lovely bumblebee, flower, and hummingbird motif. The next can features children playingwith fruits that start with the letters A, B, C. Def not by new world mosaics. The last can also seems to be educational, it’s outside of the Berkeley library in the Golden Gate neighborhood.

Rainbow Bright

Another pretty garbage can from New World Mosaics. This one is in the Grand Lake area of Oakland, by Lake Merritt and the farmer’s market. And cute little mushroom mosaics. The last pic is a chalk drawing of food on plates that someone drew right next to the farmer’s market. 

Wouldn’t it be Nice?

A few random shots of street art from this winter. Wouldn’t it be great if it rained right now? But not too much!  
Who is the artist who does these big nose faces?  This is the first one I saw, but now I see them everywhere.