Stomper All Around the Town

There are soooooo many stompers in the town! There are 50 if them, and I’ve been having fun looking for them. Only found 12 so far, many more to go. Find the map and each artist’s name at 

Bamfest Finished

I finally swung back around to get pictures of some of the fully finished murals from Oakland Mural Festival. Aren’t they beauties?! This first one by David Burke is my favorite from the whole festival. It’s called Love Letter Oakland and it features 4 local artists, two older and two younger. From left to right, the artists are Tureeda Mikell, James Gayles, Samuel Getatchew, and Vanessa ‘Agana’ Espinosa, aka DJ Agana! 
Los Pobres Artistas put on the festival every year under the name bay area mural festival, so learn more about it on their page, 

Reading and Blowing Bubbles

Here’s a new beauty from Kiss My Black Arts Collective and Natty Rebel. I swear I’m not favoring Natty Rebel right now, he’s just been prolific lately!! 
The face and hand below are from math_dis. He’s done some other faces close to this on San Pablo Ave. These pics are different sides of this triangular building on San Pablo in West Oakland. 

Stomper is Us All

Of course the Oakland A’s Stomper statues attracted my attention, being art in the public environment, and a treasure hunt to find. Here’s one that’s outside of the Pacific Renaissance Plaza in Chinatown. It’s called Stomper is All of Us, by Erin Colcord. 
So shiny and reflective! Can you see the Stomper that’s me?

Saints and Sinners

Here’s a brand new mural that’s just gone up on San Pablo Ave in West Oakland, as well as an older mural and a ladybug from that area. Is the new one by Natty Reble? Kind of looks like his style. 
The older mural is by cbs che. 

Migration is Natural and Beautiful

At this moment in time when we are treating migration in a totally unnatural way, separating children from their families, putting people in cages, watching people die rather than offering sanctuary, I’d like to share this monarch butterfly art. Faviana Rodriguez has written and spoken about the way that monarchs migrate thousands of miles through multiple generations between countries and continents. They show us that migration is natural and it already happens all around us. When we acknowledge that migration of humans is as natural as animal migration wewill become more human and more in line with our world.  
These monarchs are by New World Mosaics and are in Addams Point Oakland by the lake.