Vines and Things

This is the 8th of nine in the series of hand painted electrical boxes by local artists, sponsored by Athen B Gallery.  This one is by John Felix Arnold and is on Grand Ave and Broadway.

I enjoy the sake lounge sign in the background too. 

Pineapple Palms

This is another of the Athen B sponsored artist electrical boxes.  This is by one of my favorite street artists,  Girlmobb, or mobbpink, or Nina, whatever you call her.  She seems to be doing a new theme on pineapples and palm trees and plant textures, I dig it.  These are by Lake Merritt in Adams Point.

Getting a Little Pouchy

This pelican is feeling itself on a mosaiced trash can on 7th St and Washington in Old Oakland.  As usual, the gorgeous mosaics are from New World Mosaics. I also love the wave curling over on both sides, it really looks like it’s in motion!

Oakland Locals

These herons and hummingbirds are both found frequently in Oakland.  I see herons in Lake Merrit, and hummingbirds buzzing around flowers in gardens everywhere.  The iris are less common, but they are nice. 
Both of these are fairly new mosaic trash cans done by New World Mosaics and they are in the lower part of downtown oakland,  just below Old Town and Chinatown. 

Riding the Winds

Another mosaic garbage can on Washington and 7th Streets.  This is another in the bird series by New World Mosaics, commissioned by @brooke_v. I think this is probably a red tailed hawk, soaring through the sky, lovely! And note the lightening coming from the clouds. 
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One Year and Counting

March 15th is my one year blogaversary running Finer Points Oakland. I’ve been snapping photos of the incredible street art in Oakland and the Bay Area and sharing it with you for nearly one year. I have a goal to post 365 photos and get to 10,000 views of my blog. I will post 1 photo for every day of the year, and I need your help to get all of the page views. So come back to visit every day, and share this page with your friends. 
Let’s make this happen! 

A Roadrunner Runs Through It

Fairly new garbage can art by the wonderful New World Mosaics on Clay St and 7th St in Downtown Oakland. More of his bird designs, this time a roadrunner and some nice sagarro cacti.

I believe that this series of garbage cans was commissioned by @brooke_v and others she is working with who live in the neighborhood.