Tiger Totem

Here’s a series of pics that show street art appearing on the wall. This looks a bit like a Pacific Northwest native style totem pole to me, I can see a wolf’s head in the lower left corner. 
I was visiting with dragon school artists while they were painting, and then I see @omaelmacasa run across the road and talk to a resident who was taking his trash out.  I guess he asked if he could paint a mural on that wall. Next thing, he was over there rolling white paint over the wall.  I’ve come back a few time in the next week, and seen the project in stages. Happy to share them with you!  

It’s My Blogaversary!

Well look at that! It’s been one year to the day that I started sharing my pictures of street art, public art, and garbage can art with you all on this blog! It’s been a wonderful year and I’m still delighted every day to find the little surprises on walls, and alleys, and stickers that the street artists leave for us.
I also really enjoy watching street art as it changes over time. Sometimes a piece will get added to, or tagged over, or completely erased. Aand after that, sometimes the same artist will return to do a new piece in the same spot. So cool to see it evolve!

And thank you, dear viewers, for giving me the perfect Blogaversary gift, reaching my goal of 10,000 page views in one year (actually we’re over now with about 10,500). My other goal was to do 365 posts by today, and I’ve made it! So today, for my 365th post and my Blogaversary, I am going to share a picture from each of the top ten most popular posts that I’ve done all year. And if you like a pic, follow the link underneath it to go back to the original post and see all the pictures.
 Enjoy, and let’s see how fast we can get to 20,000.

#1 most popular post





Golden California

Here are some golden poppies to brighten up your rainy day.  California poppies are the state flower, and they open every morning when the sun comes up, and close again at night. They love the sun!  This mural is on a wall in Downtown Oakland.