Bamfest Finished

I finally swung back around to get pictures of some of the fully finished murals from Oakland Mural Festival. Aren’t they beauties?! This first one by David Burke is my favorite from the whole festival. It’s called Love Letter Oakland and it features 4 local artists, two older and two younger. From left to right, the artists are Tureeda Mikell, James Gayles, Samuel Getatchew, and Vanessa ‘Agana’ Espinosa, aka DJ Agana! 
Los Pobres Artistas put on the festival every year under the name bay area mural festival, so learn more about it on their page, 

Stomper is Us All

Of course the Oakland A’s Stomper statues attracted my attention, being art in the public environment, and a treasure hunt to find. Here’s one that’s outside of the Pacific Renaissance Plaza in Chinatown. It’s called Stomper is All of Us, by Erin Colcord. 
So shiny and reflective! Can you see the Stomper that’s me?

Meeting of Styles

Illegalsquadmx did these incredible pieces last year in oakland Chinatown when Meeting of Styles ws canceled in SF and dragonschool invited the artists to come to oakland and paint. It’s pretty dope. 
Dragons, obviously by dragonschool. 

Oakanda Dreams

Here’s another wonderful mural from the Oakland Mural Festival. This one is by Trust Your Struggle Collective. Bounce painted the head, Yoshi painted the hands, and Nine painted the words. Oakland Dreams refers to words in the film Black Panther, ‘I’m just a kid from Oakland with dreams’. 

Turfing It

Creative Shields is the group who painted this epic mural as a part of the Oakland Mural Festival. Artists are Timothyb_art, berj.j.berj, and chuckinglight. 
The dancer in this mural is doing moves from turf dance, a uniquely Oakland form of brake dancing that you’d be lucky to see folks performing on the bart trains. The word yee is another Oakland thing, it’s in clouds to represent the chem trails over Oakland skies. 
The final pic is another artist who is documenting the mural process on small canvases. 

Oakland Mural Festival

Tonight I checked out the artists of the Oakland Mural Festival. I swung by and found them hard at work on their murals throughout the Jack London Square area. They are painting all this week and there will be a closing party on Saturday. Come by and join in! 
Murals are by, in order, Los Pobres Artistas and Oakland International High School, Trust Your Struggle Collective (2), and Dave Young Kim. 

Dragon Models

Here are a few dragonschool beauties from around Chinatown Oakland. The first is by Luke Dragon, one of the founders of dragonschool. The second was an original gold and black dragon and they went back and colored it in.