Shining Waters

Here’s the last of this year’s Oakland Mural Festival pieces. This one is by Susan Greene and Art Forces. The woman is Cheemah, mother of the spirit fire. It is modeled on a statue in Jack London Square, by Osprey Orielle Lake. The mural is still progress now, but it’s coming along now. 
The bottom picture is from one of the first days of painting. 

Sanctuary Earth

Here’s the Oakland Mural Festival piece by organizing group, Los Pobres Artistas. They are an art group with artists who are Chilenos or who have ties to Chile. They worked on this mural with help from students at Oakland International High School. This mural addresses migration and depicts migrants crossing the ocean in a rubber boat, as many do getting to Europe. The multicolored flag represents the diversity of people in Chile. 


 This mural was shared with me by a fan of this page. She saw this mural and wanted to share it on Finer Points Oakland. Thanks! It’s by Carolina Stern, in North Oakland. 
If you see a mural that you want to share, send it to me by posting on the blog or sending it on Instagram, @finer_points_oakland 

Waves in Richmond

Another Bay Area Mural Festival piece that is in the Richmond Greenway. As you can see, the greenway is still under construction, although the mural is complete. Mural is by R M Salazar.
When I arrived, the gates to the greenway were locked so I had to take this remote pic.

Healing Waters

Look at this gorgeous mural but DJ Agana, Keena Rimano, and Dime. We owe it to our children to leave them clean water for their survival. Part of the Bay Area Mural Festival in Richmond this year. Painted on the Brighter Beginnings Clinic in Richmond. 

The Fish and the Worm

Here’s some van art with fish and worms sand this strange red guy. What’s he doing? This fish is pretty cool looking, it’s a betty deep water gosh, from where there’s no sun light. The antenna thing on its head lights up like its own personal flashlight.