River of Rainbow

I’ve loved this cool house in San Francisco’s Castro Mission neighborhood for a long time. That rock is actually painted on the house! They recently added the rainbow doors that makes me love it more. 


What nice pieces by Apexer and Pixel Pancho from the Wide Open Walls Festival. 
I got to see Apexer at work, and it was really cool to see him in his flow. Very impressive. These two are across the street from each other. 

A Rainbow is a Promise

I wanted to feature these pretty #garbagecan art mosaics from New World Mosaics on new year’s eve because I was taught that a rainbow is a promise of good things to come. And we certainly need good things in the new year. 
But now that I’m older, I think that good things don’t just come about, we have to make them happen. So I’m asking all of you who see these pictures to join me in working towards positive change this coming year. And not just change on a personal level, but change for your family, your community, your country, and your planet. Ultimately, we’re all on this earth together and we need to help each other survive. 

Displacement and Migration

This mural is also by Youth Spirit Artworks and it’s called The Displacement of Beauty and the Migration of Gentrification. It’s also a part of the 2016 Bay Area Mural Festival and it’s in South Berkeley. It’s very clever, they worked in some of the bits and pieces of art that were already on this wall, like the woman’s face. Gotta love those money heads!

Richmond Cultural Movement

This mural strikes me as the centerpiece of the Richmond Bay Area Mural Festival. It was painted by Los Pobres Artistas and students from Gateway to College CCC. Los Pobres Artistas are the group that founded and runs the Bay Area Mural Festival. 
 Isn’t it beautiful? So many elegant and complex details on this mural, you can spend a long time looking at it.