River of Rainbow

I’ve loved this cool house in San Francisco’s Castro Mission neighborhood for a long time. That rock is actually painted on the house! They recently added the rainbow doors that makes me love it more. 

No Ban on Stolen Land

Here are a selection of murals from the SF Mission. For those of you who don’t know, there a few alleys in the Mission which are lined, end to end, with murals and graffiti. This is only a few pics of one of these alleys, well worth a visit! 
Some art by the BayBaes, Kenshin Tomoshima, Saif Azuzz, SF Print Collective, and Wrap Homes.

City to the Country

I came upon this interesting metal sculpture  in West Berkeley. Starting with a San Francisco city silhouette with city animals like cats and birds, it slowly transitions to farmland with farm animals, and then the mountains and a wild bear. 


What a wonderful Ganesha piece from the San Francisco Mission.  It’s by Xavi Pannington. I love the angles and shapes in it. The next mural is a collab by staybacon, niteowl, and sidy. 
The next piece is a memorial to Graff, True King. 

Alley Art

If you walk down 24th street in the Mission, you’ll come upon an alley that’s covered with gorgeous art. These alleys are watched over by Precitas Eyes Murals, an art organization that’s been doing art in the Mission for decades. Not all pieces are by them, but I hear that they work with artists to find space to paint and coordinate when murals are painted over. 

Faces from the Windows

Here are more golden murals from the SF Mission. These are a variety of styles and artists but all pretty cool.
This first one is called La Rumba No Pana and it’s by Presitas Eyes Murals with youth help. The woman featured is Chata Gutierrez.

Coffee and Mission

Here are a few of the overwhelmingly stunning murals in the San Francisco Mission. Any of these would be amazing by itself, but these are all within feet of each other. The first is by Bode and says black lives matter. 

Grizzlies, Gold, and Gates

To Immigrants with Love

In the past few months the Galaria de la Raza in San Francisco has been putting up some incredible street art celebrating immigrants. These are pretty amazing!  The first one is by Rommy Sabrado-Torrido and the second is by Jess Snow and Roger Peet.  #defenddaca #heretostay #paralxsmigrantqueers