Reading and Blowing Bubbles

Here’s a new beauty from Kiss My Black Arts Collective and Natty Rebel. I swear I’m not favoring Natty Rebel right now, he’s just been prolific lately!! 
The face and hand below are from math_dis. He’s done some other faces close to this on San Pablo Ave. These pics are different sides of this triangular building on San Pablo in West Oakland. 

Dragon Models

Here are a few dragonschool beauties from around Chinatown Oakland. The first is by Luke Dragon, one of the founders of dragonschool. The second was an original gold and black dragon and they went back and colored it in. 

First Faces

Here are more of the lovely images painted as part of the Bay Area Mural Festival. Sidemuestro painted some of these pictures, although not all. Fred Alvarado painted the house on legs. 

Tag Life

Taggers have been hard at work on this bridge. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a tradition in the graffiti world to try and access the most remote and hard to get to spots. And when you do get there, you tag your name to prove you were there. Imagine taggers climbing all over this bridge structure to reach each place where there’s graffiti.