Meeting of Styles

Illegalsquadmx did these incredible pieces last year in oakland Chinatown when Meeting of Styles ws canceled in SF and dragonschool invited the artists to come to oakland and paint. It’s pretty dope. 
Dragons, obviously by dragonschool. 

All Cities All Pandas

This is a kind of awesome wall of street art in downtown Oakland. It’s painted by All Cities Murals. I love the panda as well as the great wall on there. It wraps around the cornerand continues on, I’ll post the rest next time. 

Tag Life

Taggers have been hard at work on this bridge. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a tradition in the graffiti world to try and access the most remote and hard to get to spots. And when you do get there, you tag your name to prove you were there. Imagine taggers climbing all over this bridge structure to reach each place where there’s graffiti.