Boxes of Art

When I was in Sacramento for the mural festival, I also spotted some nice electrical boxes. Here they are for you to enjoy. There are so many more in downtown, but the were the ones I snapped. 

Dia of the Day

Here’s a dia de los muertos themed mural by Aik Brown.  It’s in the Oak Park neighborhood of Sac Town which has really gentrified a lot. Nice that a local artist can paint a mural that speaks to the community. Plus he’s a really nice guy! 

Saints and Sinners

Here’s a brand new mural that’s just gone up on San Pablo Ave in West Oakland, as well as an older mural and a ladybug from that area. Is the new one by Natty Reble? Kind of looks like his style. 
The older mural is by cbs che. 

Sunrise Over Oakland

This beautiful mural is still in progress, but it’s coming right along. You can’t see in these pics but there’s charcoal lines on the sun and background that will eventually be the street map of oakland mirroring the oakland oak tree. This mural is by David Burke and his team. Unlike many of the other murals from the Oakland Mural Festival, this one is painted with brushes. But it’s just as huge as the ones that use spray guns, so it takes this team much longer to complete. The bottom pic is another process shot from earlier in the process. 
This mural honors Oakland artists, poets, writers, and musicians. I know the woman on the far right is DJ Agana, an amazing woman street artist. I’ve featured her work on the blog many times. I don’t knowthe others, but if you do, please share! 

Butterfly Beautiful

A really lovely mural by John Wehrle that is part of Bay Area Mural Festival in Richmond. As I was snapping a picture and admiring this mural a guy started yelling from across the road. “Hey, hey! Isn’t that beautiful? It’s just so beautiful!” And I agreed that it was very beautiful, cause it is. 

Jingletown Riviera

Despite gentrification, Jingletown remains a sort of artist’s colony in Oakland. This is the Oakland Riviera, aka Rue de Merde. The street totally given over to murals and mosaics. Enjoy this photo tour of the road. 
Artists on the street who signed their work are Jill McLennan, kermit, peskador, and students of Arise High School. 
I love the mosaic pieces! 

Next Gen

It’s important and good to provide art to the next generation that reflects their culture. This is a repaint of a small storage building in the middle of a playground in Chinatown Oakland. There are always many kids from the neighborhood there, especially on the weekend. It’s a densely packed neighborhood with little room to play. The repaint was done by omaelmacasa and e47art, part of the mighty dragon school crew. Great job guys!