Reading and Blowing Bubbles

Here’s a new beauty from Kiss My Black Arts Collective and Natty Rebel. I swear I’m not favoring Natty Rebel right now, he’s just been prolific lately!! 
The face and hand below are from math_dis. He’s done some other faces close to this on San Pablo Ave. These pics are different sides of this triangular building on San Pablo in West Oakland. 

Saints and Sinners

Here’s a brand new mural that’s just gone up on San Pablo Ave in West Oakland, as well as an older mural and a ladybug from that area. Is the new one by Natty Reble? Kind of looks like his style. 
The older mural is by cbs che. 

The Red Wall

An eclectic and rich mural that is a collaboration of talented artists and producers. Artists are Stephan Anderson, Vogue TDK, the Kal, and Amaranta Colindres. Produced by Dragon School, designed by Anderson Gin, and thanks to Fuming Guerrilla Productions. 
Theme is Asian images. 

Bringing Up the Young

Here are several murals that are along the side of Martin Luther King Jr elementary school in West Oakland. These trace some of the history of African Americans in the US. I’m always happy to see depictions of the cultures of the children who go to that school. It’s important for kids to see themselves represented. 

Grumpy Cat, Grumpy Cat, You’re Delicious!

I just love grumpy cat, don’t you?  Crayone did an excellent portrait on the back of this truck. When I saw it, the trick was parked in West Oakland. Then there’s Baby Stewey from Family Guy, withhis water guns, and a RIP for Vote. Not sureif that’s a guy named vote, or everyone’s vote. Worth noting that I took this pic before the inauguration.