Melt the Ice

Melt the ice and crush the cheeto. Protest is alive and well in Oakland. Plus a few fun characters.

Funny Faces

What a bunch of faces these are! I saw them on Broadway in Downtown Oakland and had to stop for a pic. They make you want to stare at them for a long time. They’re by Troy Lovegates.


Here are a few of the lovely street art pieces that I spotted on my trip to London. These are from the Cambden Market area, but I have many more to share with you!!


Stripes and flowers on the wall today with some pretty street art from West Oakland.

All Play

Here are some very playful pieces from guest city, Salt Lake City. Not sure about the artists, but I’m enjoying them.

Blowing Blue

What a spectacular mural by @griffonone. It’s called West Coast Blues and it’s in West Oakland.

Leaving a Legacy

Here are some of the painted panels outside of Malcolm X Elementary in South Berkeley. They tell the stories of communities who lived in this neighborhood for generations. The first one shows the social circles of the African American community and how they interconnect. One lower down tells the story of Japanese Americans in the […]

Tickle the Ivories

Here’s a great record shop that wears its product on it’s sleeve in North Beach, San Francisco. The next pic is a simple graphic mural from the same neighborhood.

Speed Bump

This abstract mural is relatively hard to spot from Shattuck but once you notice it, it’s a beauty. I like the gats faces and the background of stars. By gats and local edition marketing.

Ice Bear

Well, a polar bear would be very unhappy today with temps in the Bay Area at nearly 100!! However this ice bear seems to be keeping his cool. Mural by Steven Anderson and BukueOne in temescal.